Uttarey SingalilaTrek

Uttarey Singalila Trek

Uttarey – Singalila TrekUttarey Singalila Trek route encompasses the area southwest of Dzongri and as defined by its name, includes several days of hike traversing the Singalila range, the lesser mountain chain that rises from the northern hills of Darjeeling district and extends to converge with the Kanchendzonga massif. The Singalila range demarcates the western borders of Sikkim and Darjeeling with Nepal. During this trek one will be able to witness and enjoy the Mounatains, passes and range of both India (Sikkim) and Nepal. Uttarey Singalila Trek passes through the Border and ridges of Indian and Nepal. During this Trek one has the flexibilities and option to trek through 5 to 7 different high altitude lakes of different sizes and shape however it adds few more days to the itinerary. This Uttarey Singalila Trek is also known as the Lake trek or the Uttarey Chewabhangyang Trek.

Uttarey Singalila treks is specially suitable for the trekkers who love to be with Nature for longer number of days. The treks starts from Uttarey and Ends up at Yuksam or can be done vise versa.

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Uttarey - A typical Himalayan village settlement and a starting point of Uttarey Chewabhangyang Trek. The Village falls right near Nepal Border name Chewa Bhangyang.

Chewa Bhangyang - A Political Border Area of India (sikkim) and Nepal and a first camping place of the Uttarey Chewabhanjyang Singalila Trek

Dafey Bhir - A view point from where one can have a specaticular view of the Mountains of sikkim and Nepal namely Mt. Everest, Mt.Lhotshe, Mt. Makalu, Mt Kanchendzonga, Mt. Tenchingkhang and several others.

Dzongri View point - The most beautiful and Ideal location to witness 360 degree view of the Pristine and Panoramic views of the snow capped mountain peaks and Hills. Located at the height of 4250m on the top of the hill it provides sublime and captivative scenery of the entire himalayan range...

Goechala View point - The closest point to Mt. Kanchendzonga - The guardian dieties of sikkim! The goechala view point provides panoramic and closest view of Mt. Kanchendzonga and Mt. Pandim. On can have the closest look at Thalung Glacier too at the bottom of Mt. Kanchendzonga.

Samiti lake - One of the most pristine and holy high altitude lake in sikkim. It lies exactly infront of Mt. Kanchendzonga and is a treat to witnesss in a clear sunny weather.

Laxmi Pokhari (Lake) A pristine and holy lake lacated at the height of 4200m on the direction of Goechala. On a clear sunny day a view of the lake with Mt. Pandim and Mt. Tenchingkhang on the back ground is unimaginably beautiful

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